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County Health Improvement Organizations are non-profit organizations that bring together
multiple community partners to improve the health and primary healthcare in their counties. 
They are typically Turning Point Partnerships that have chosen to meet the criteria and
apply for certification through the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma.

The goal is to strengthen local efforts to improve health and health care in Oklahoma by
encouraging the Partnerships and other eligible coalitions to implement structures and
processes that will make them more effective, more visible to organizations with
resources, and more attractive to a wider variety of funders.  Certification also makes a
CHIO a part of the statewide extension system through which information and opportunities
can be obtained or shared.

CHIOs are "certified" by the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma (PHIO), which serves as the
state hub for the extension system. Fore more information contact us at

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Recruitment for physician practices to participate in Healthy Hearts for Oklahoma (H2O)
is complete and will provide $112,000 to the CHIOs! The funds will go toward healthy
hearts-cardiovascular initiatives in each county and help some CHIOs get their 501(c)(3)
non-profit status.

For CHIOs considering the best ways to utilize their incentive dollars, the OSDH Center for the Advancement of Wellness and Office of Partner Engagement provided the following recommendations for tobacco, physical activity and nutrition efforts which include evidence based or promising practices with a focus on primary prevention for various levels of funding: PAN CHIO Recommendation List.docx ; Evidence-based.Promising Practices CHIO Recommendations.docx

PHIO has provided an online tool you may use for the proposal process based on the Guidelines and Rules Governing CHIO Incentives for H2O created and provided by OU. Access the form at CHIOs must be request their funds by May 15, 2017 by submitting the proposal and invoice The funds must be spent  by October 31, 2017.


All Oklahoma CHIOs belong to The Oklahoma Primary Healthcare Extension System
(OPHES). Membership in OPHES increases visibility, credibility, and access to a wide
variety of resources beyond those traditionally available to Turning Point and other
community partnerships and coalitions.




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The Oklahoma Turning Point Council (OTPC) formed in 1997 to help transform public
health in Oklahoma by working directly with community partnerships on health
improvement initiatives.  Rather than a top down approach to public health, Turning
Point seeks input from communities to help identify community priorities and implement
local solutions.