CHIO Fact Sheet

Certified Partnership Name: Tri-CHIO

County: Garfield, Grant, Alfalfa

Date certified: 5/1/2015

Fiduciary Agent/Partner: Rural Health Projects

CHIO Chair: Krista Roberts  580/249-3747  Email:

Oklahoma Turning Point representative: Dusti Brodrick   Email:

Primary Care Clinician Board Member: Michael Pontious, MD

Grants and Projects: Network Development Grant (HRSA):  $85,000; Community Diabetes Educational Outreach Program (HRSA):  $200,000/year x 3; Telligen Community Initiatives:  Community Health Worker for the Micronesian Population:  $25,000  Total $710,000

Supporting Documents: Tri-CHIO 2015 Year End Report

Garfield County CHIP 2015

Tri-County CHIO Brochure: Benefits for Providers

Tri-CHIO H2O Project Summary

Tri-CHIO & RHP Poster of CDEOP Year 2