CHIO Fact Sheet

Certified Partnership Name: Pottawatomie Alliance Toward Community Health (P.A.T.C.H)

County: Pottawatomie

Date certified: 12/1/2013

Fiduciary Agent/Partner: PATCH-Gateway to Prevention

CHIO Chair: Amy Walton  Email: 

Oklahoma Turning Point representative: Jessi Ryel   Email:

Primary Care Clinician Board Member: Kanwal Obhrai, MD

Grants and Projects: Community engagement work to support the Certified Healthy Community model across Pottawatomie, Healthy Hearts for Oklahoma, CATCH grant pediatric project (pending), Mobile Smiles Unit collaboration for rural Pottawatomie County to support dental services for underserved populations.

Gateway to Prevention and Recovery 2015 Annual Report

2017 Pottawatomie County CHIO Showcase Poster