Certified Partnership Name: Payne County Live Well Coalition

County: Payne

Date certified: October 2016

Fiduciary Agent/Partner: Rural Health Projects, Inc

CHIO Chair: Kari Pratt, Ph.D.

Email: kari.pratt@okstate.edu

Oklahoma Turning Point representative: Maggie Jackson

Email: MaryMJ@health.ok.gov

Primary Care Clinician Board Member: Todd Green, M.D.

Grants and Projects:

The Payne County Live Well Coalition (PCLWC) is involved with activities such as Iowa Tribe Health Fairs and Lunch and Learns, Binge Drinking Prevention Activities, SMAC (Stillwater Makes a Change) Philanthropic High School Group events, Kick Butts Day and Great American Smoke-Out events, promotion of local food bank and sponsorship of community gardens.